Market Applications

By offering a variety of resistant coatings and diaphragms, plus a wide range of linings and materials, Tru‐Tech’s valves provide an excellent, yet economical, solution to your valve needs.

Industrial/Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment
Tru‐tech ENHANCED WEIR Diaphragm Valves provide an inexpensive means of fluid control for reverse osmosis, deionization, filtration, chemical feeders and demineralizers.  STRAIGHT THRU valves are used in slurry and/or abrasive applications.Installations include manual, pneumatically and electrically actuated valves.
Tru‐Tech ENHANCED WEIR Diaphragm Valves are commonly utilized in chemical and demineralizers systems.  STRAIGHT THRU rubber lined valves are used for flue gas desulfurization.Installations include both manual and pneumatically actuated valves.
Tru‐Tech ENHANCED WEIR Diaphragm Valves are available in a wide variety of body linings and diaphragm materials. This versatility makes them suitable for handling various acids and other corrosive fluids.Installations include both manual and pneumatically actuated valves.
Tru­‐Tech STRAIGHT THRU, rubber lined Diaphragm Valves are normally used for handling abrasive and/or slurry applications.  ENHANCED WEIR valves are normally utilized for chemical and process feed lines.
Pulp & Paper
Tru­‐Tech ENHANCED WEIR Diaphragm Valves are usually used for in clean fluid service such as bleaching and coating process, chemical, and water treatment. STRAIGHT THRU Diaphragm Valves normally are used for slurry services such as lime mud and titanium dioxide lines.Installations include both manually and pneumatically actuated valves.