Inside Tru-Tech

The Tru-­Tech Valve Plant comprises approximately 12,000 combined sq. ft. and includes a testing area capable of testing valves for flow, head loss, function, etc. The shop contains a variety of equipment with capacity to accommodate a large range of valve diameters. An external hydraulic testing and research laboratory is utilized for testing certification when needed.

The Shop

Tru-­Tech Valve employs the latest in technology along with physical records to accurately monitor and trace all items procured, produced, and sold throughout its history. The ability to accurately trace all orders and transactions allows us here at Tru-­‐ Tech Valve to develop and maintain a better relationship with all of our suppliers and customers, allowing us to better serve your needs and wants.

Our personnel are trained in technical and engineering backgrounds. Instilled in Tru-­Tech’s values is a policy that encourages continuance of personnel education extending to all employees. The manufacturing department operates a continuing Apprenticeship Program to assure our workers maintain competency in the evolving industrial markets.